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  1. I use FSX boxed with both SPs added. I tried P3D when it first came out. My problem had to more with migrating FSINN and CoPilot for use with my MP flights. Even with the Migration Tool, I could not get things to work. So, I got a refund from LM and fortunately had not uninstalled all my FSX gear. I am in a sweet spot with no blurries, solid fps (except large airports of course where things bog down). Sherm
  2. Love the shots, lain. That is a great scenic route, and when I fly through CA, I prefer the smaller twin pistons....and, of course, not so much altitude....:-). Sherm
  3. Hey Spud, when were you at Glenview? Have you seen what happened in recent years? My wife and I live up North in Ft. Sheridan, it was privitized about the same time as was Glenview, when DOD did a major fort closure around the country. Sherm
  4. A note to all who do not know Illinois first hand. No one has ever moved to Chicago or the rest of the state for the weather Sherm
  5. chilly shot. btw, your caravan would probably be more welcome at some of the airports near ORD such as KPWK or a bit further N, my home field KUGN. Sherm
  6. This past weekend, two of our grandchildren came over to visit. While Granddaughter was baking with Grammie, Grandson was learning to flight sim with Grampa... Once he learned that there was a view outside the cockpit, that is all he needed. So I told him to take off from KSEA and head toward Mt. Rainier First he went skimming through the valleys, before heading toward the big Mountain and a flyby over the crater That brought a series of joyful barrel rolls And finally heading west into the sun and back to KSEA Thanks for taking a look Sherm
  7. The default scenery in ORBX is pretty good. The flight from Bella Coola takes you over some very interesting BC terrain. I flew this as a flight for worldwide virtual airlines... It is one of the least demanding VAs that I know of, yet it provides setups for planned routes, MP flight, etc. they have a good ACARS system as a bonus. Worth a look if you like something more than just going from A to B. Sherm
  8. There is nothing complicated here, just a freeware DH6 on a flight East from Bella Coola across the Canadian Rockies to Revelstoke. Thanks for taking a look Sherm
  9. Thanks GP, I have been using Accu Feel for several years, but until today, never thought of it as a water braking tool for amphibious. So, I have increased water drag on each amphib as I fly them. I clearly notice it on the takeoff run, but have not done enough in the way of water landings yet, to see how drag will affect that distance. sherm
  10. can somebody share your settings? thanks Sherm
  11. Wow, I could almost feel the fear....very cool...will be trying this on FS next time I boot up Sherm
  12. I would have posted the picture of what I really want, but Mom said I would shoot my eye out....
  13. Browsing through the forums lately, I seem to be noticing more screen shot posts than trouble calls for help. That's a good sign.. Sherm
  14. Great Shots, which version of the Commander are you flying, payware or freeware, and by whom. I have been thinking about the Carenado, but the freeware Milton Shupe and Co flies great with full instrumentation. I fly the crossover to FSX. Sherm
  15. Love the sound track....if any of you young kids need an explanation, just ask us geezers on the flight deck....:-)