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  1. Great set of shots. Tell me though, FSX or P3D?
  2. Nice set of pics
  3. Another great set of pics Emmsie.
  4. Nice Mark...
  5. Thanks to all the kind replies fellas, appreciated. I agree Andy. In fact, I too was literally just about to pull the plug on the whole simming thing. So in effect, P3D has saved me! I'll PM you Mike...
  6. Well, I am like a pig in muck at the moment! Having upgraded my sim to something more of a beast, and moved 100% across to P3D, I am in simming heaven! I can't believe I have managed to find the right settings in P3D to allow me to fly in north Germany with all sliders max and still see more than a steady 30+ fps. It's been a long January but I can now start to really enjoy the beauty of northern Germany, which in my opinion, is one of JV and the gang's finest product. An absolute masterpiece.
  7. Thanks Gary...
  8. Cathy, I haven't heard of this. It's the one aircraft I am desparate for. I love it and surprised no developer has done one, apart from Aerosoft's now very outdated version. Do you have any further information about it? EDIT: No sweat, just caught up with a video on YT. I see Colin Pearson said it was ready for release before the end of 2016, so I suspect it's release could be imminent.
  9. Looks truly awesome. Nice work. I hope the performance matches
  10. Hope you're OK Ian.
  11. Thanks guys. Valdez really is superb scenery. One which I would highly recommend to anyone.
  12. Hi guys. Here's my entry for December. Good luck to everyone!
  13. Thanks for the kind words fellas.