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  1. Good luck to everyone. Here's my entry...
  2. I was recently at a flight sim exhibition, with the sole intention of meeting guys running the Vatsim section. It was very enlightening. While I was there a very helpful guy showed me Avlasoft's EFB, I was gobsmacked! It truly is a wonderful bit of kit from what I could determine in the hour I was there. But as has already been said, it seems very much aimed at IFR tube liner flying.
  3. I agree Shaun, it does look very tastey, apart from... the reflective screen, which to me looks very distracting (I'm referring to the Philips) I'm also looking to rebuild my rig, so I also need to get my hands on a big setup.
  4. Ah, that's interesting Graeme. I have to admit, I'm not quite so up to date with things as I used to be, so I will investigate this further. Thanks.
  5. I'm perplexed, I have always understood that FSX does not recognise more than a single GPU. So does this mean that V4 P3D takes advantage of SLI?
  6. edit...
  7. Sure, just seen that now. Thanks Jose. Will do
  8. What's needed is for A2A to get on board!
  9. I had the Steam edition installed for about 4 weeks and then scrapped it and went all out with P3Dv3.4. I had never had OOMs with FSX but as soon as I moved to SE I experienced several and also some scenery cfg errors. Since moving to P3d I have not experienced a single error message!
  10. What is the airport Patrick?
  11. Oops, I'd forgotten about pics of another developer! Thanks for taking the trouble to post though, appreciated. I have to say I really like the look of this new sim. I currently run P3d v3.4 and am considering v4, but the more I think about Aerofly, the more I am questioning my choice.