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  1. Perfect advice. I will be doing just this for more than a couple of months. I'll likely wait until the end of the year and let all the dust settle and bug fixes to be sorted.
  2. I'm speechless JV! This is amazing news. A clever move on your part Myself, probably like many others, would have been quite happy to stick with v3.4 due to the expense of replacing all the sceneries and airprorts. Sure, there will be other expenses such as aircraft and the like, but with the main structure of the sim having no upgrade costs, then that will make a decision for many of us I'm sure. Thank you.
  3. This is great! I can't wait to have another Spanish airport.
  4. I've been wanting this airport for a long time. A nice part of the world to fly in and out of.
  5. What a great set of pics. I really enjoyed sharing your flight with you Jack. Thanks for sharing.
  6. No problems, I found it reasonable on frames, but I have to admit, a little heavier than some of there other models.
  7. I find the Carenado Grand Caravan, C208B superb for visibility Matt, so really good for what you're talking about.
  8. My sentiments exactly Mark.
  9. This is an amazing announcement JV. It looks incredible. Only a couple of years ago I remember thinking AF had loads of potential, if only a developer would make the 'investment.' I will be checking this out asap!
  10. Superb screenies.
  11. Great set of shots. Tell me though, FSX or P3D?
  12. Nice set of pics
  13. Another great set of pics Emmsie.