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  1. You will get numerous answers. Mine is Fs-FlightControl It's not cheap but excellent. I use it on a networked Laptop, but it's iOS-enabled as well and has special touch input support. Navigraph is supported as well. Kind regards, Michael
  2. Great one. Yes, it does, are you prepar3d? Kind regards, Michael
  3. Here is the original info from JV himself Which of course doesn't exclude he changed his mind... Kind regards, Michael
  4. OLC Afrika has been confirmed. Here's a recent German message by Friedi Gulder It's in German, but there was an English announcement some time before. Kind regards, Michael
  5. I am afraid, we can make wishlists over and over (I refrain from adding my personal one) which no one cares about, even more as they are quite divering. In addition, you all suppose ORBX being to continue the Fat Region model. This is not carved in stone, though, those Fat Regions are extremely costly in comparison to a single airport and don't actually cost proportionally more. There are certainly alternative plans like, e.g., providing POI/refined local landclass addons for the OpenLC regions, or something like that. Or, ORBX may decide to opt for development for AeroflyFS2/FSW (recall projects A + D?) over the next years. I doubt this, but who knows, just keep in mind, their rescources are limited, too. This doesn't mean I would favor such a move, just to the contrary, the Fat Regions have been my core flying areas all the time from FSX to Prepar3d1-4. However, the fact we have not been told anything about future Fat Regions for quite some time (including FSCon) makes me think. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Thanks Iain, nice shots. Notably the remark on the region where the shots are from is very welcome for people from far away. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Excellent news indeed. Also the part on new features. Thanks to all for the hard work. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Excellent news and good to hear another update on the status quo. Kind regards, Michael
  9. What a story Matthew. I've been in NZ only once for a few weeks but agree it's a wonderful land with wonderful people. That's why I regret so much ORBX left the region without any love after the just two airports. Kind regards, Michael
  10. Actually, this is the whole crux of FSW, as a glance through fora makes clear. I own FSW, and contrary to their ugly FlightSchool I wouldn't call it bad. I even wouldn't dare to call it better looking than Prepar3d4 out of the box. But who uses Prepar3d4 out of the box? And who wants to restrict to a hand full of Pipers and default airports? DT obviously doesn't get that their Flight Simulation future stands and falls with an open, freely accessible and stable SDK. ORBX and several other developers declared they might jump train after FSW being stable and a SDK being available. Given that DFS/FSc/FSW has been in development for 3 years now (not including preliminary work on the code for FSX:SE) and given the present pace of progress it's questionable if DT will be able (and willing) to release a stable FSW including an SDK before (i) even the remaining few loyal fans will jump off, (ii) DT will run out of money for the project. Kind regards, Michael
  11. While I own all WingCreation sceneries, I never bought anything from Aerosim as they seem to be stuck in pre-Prepar3d times and more or less dead anyway. Unfortunately, Wing Creations isn't too quick when it comes to updates either, but according to their forum they are now "investigating" Prepar3d4 support at least. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Snake flow ahead? Better not let the avatars free... But that's nice background. Living many kilomteters away, I first look up the place and other airports around for short hops, when I see an announcement. Facts like this one usually escape me. Kind regards, Michael
  13. I know and tried this before. The objects are really pretty but the ground textures are very low-res and ugly. Even default textures are way better and the overall impression of the Tokyo area from the Haruo landclass package is way better. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Yes,this is permitted and works. I have ORBX products installed into FSX:SE and Prepar3d3 and Prepar3d4. FTX Central 3 offers you a selection of sims installed. Kind reagrds, Michael
  15. I promise no longer to beat that drum now. Certainly another really clever decision by ORBX Kind regards, Michael