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  1. Hi Michael, This is not something I could or would want to do by myself but I have definitely thought about it. I've got one more SPB planned and after that I'll have to see how much energy I have as well as what the options are.
  2. Only Jack would insist that even the windows be tinted yellow.
  3. Just for you Jack. [edited: try the texture I sent you]
  4. Hi Michael and all, Yes, it's my understanding that the global shipping package has its own traffic files. The original purpose of the PNW ferry system was to replace the frankly ugly default ferries in my area of interest, and only for those who are likewise interested. Not only that, with Orbx PNW installed, a number of the default routes go right over islands or other obstructions. I very much disliked the idea of substituting an edited version of the default trafficboats.bgl traffic file but that's the only way for me to assign appropriate boats to corrected routes in the PNW. Other than editing a few other routes for compatibility with a few Orbx airports, no routes that do not originate in the PNW have been edited. When Vic Plus for Orbx PNW was released there was a temporary trafficboats.bgl that went with it that only added the ferry MV Coho (because the ferry system was just getting started). The Coho is now part of the ferry system so that old traffic file is not needed anymore. And regarding compatibility, I just added a quite detailed model of the BC Ferry MV Quinsam which serves the Nanaimo Gabriola route to make CAC8 a little more authentic.
  5. Hi Michael, There could be some AI avoidance on some routes in the PNW but I think in general the global shipping is compatible with the PNW ferry system; they do different things. But I would suggest only trying the ferry system if you fly a lot in the PNW; otherwise it's probably not worth the hassle.
  6. Hi Teecee, The Powell River mill is part of PNW ferry system, the one linked on my blog. I'm glad you are interested because I decided to add some PR for the Harmac Mill just south of Nanaimo (CAC8) for a future update. I was going to skip trying to make buildings, but maybe I'll see what I can do. At least there will be smokestacks.
  7. Great shots Magic! I particularly like the third one. I’ve been waiting for someone to ask why the fuel barge Dr. Bonnie Ramsey and the tug Olympic Scout which usually tows it are in Nanaimo; they normally service the cruise ships in Seattle. Maybe you can make up a good story. Speaking of stories, how a fuel barge came to be named after a professor of pediatrics at the U of W SOM (my alma mater) is a special one.
  8. Hello, This question gives me a chance to try out a little graphic I made to illustrate this issue which has to do in part with the elevation of objects. The drawing tries to show that the elevation of objects can be greatly influenced by the choice of mesh setting especially on steep hillsides. So rather than needing one mesh setting for one Orbx airport and different one for another airport, a practical standard was chosen long ago. To change to another standard would require that many products would need to have the developer (who may or may not be currently active) check and possibly redo a significant number of elevations. And because elevation issues are common, the product would probably need beta testing again. I think you can see the implications. More explanation: The sim uses the datum of a model as the reference point when setting the elevation based on the ground surface. Model datums (ie zero reference points) are often at a corner of the model because it can be easier to make them this way. I hope the illustration shows how this can result in the elevation of the model in the sim being significantly influenced by the mesh setting.
  9. Hi Henk, Thanks for catching this typo! (Sorry I did not recognize what you were saying initially.) I accidentally left the file name of my test version. Hopefully most users can figure this out from looking at the file name of the effect that they copied to the effects folder but I'll probably have to address it in the Freeware support forum. Or maybe in this case it's better if one does not read the instructions.
  10. Hi Teecee, The update using FTXC3 should work like all the other updates. After you open FTXC3 and choose the simulator, if updates are available for the products you have installed in that simulator, you will see one or more red rectangles in the 'Categories' column on the left side of the window. The number in the red rectangle shows you the number of updates available in that category. In the North America category you should see a red rectangle with at least the number 1, indicating one update. You might have more than one North American updates depending on when you last ran FTXC3. Click on 'North America'. In the panel on the left, you may need to use the scroll bar on the far right to scroll down until you find CAX6. It should have a prominent red banner across the top saying 'Update Available'. Click on the it and you will be presented with the option to update. Note: if you have more than one sim on your machine, it's easy to forget which products you have installed (or not installed) in each sim. If you don't have the product installed in the sim you chose when you opened FTXC3, you will not see 'update available' ... there is no product to update in the sim you chose. Does that help? Larry
  11. Hi Sam, The following also applies to other Orbx airports that are not yet released. Unlike the Orbx products that have been released, CAX6 depends on Orbx ObjectFlow. Without ObjectFlow the entire town of Ganges will be missing. In CAX6, ObjectFlow controls the times and seasons when various objects are visible, and it controls the windsock. ObjectFlow requires the ObjectFlow.dll. For 64 bit P3D v4, this 32 bit file must be redone as a 64 bit file and this is a major undertaking. It's not done yet. The products that have been released did not need any 64 bit conversion. The question of 'when?" has been addressed a number of times in other sections of the forum. The reason I can report on the appearance of CAX6 is that I can see what things look like at specific times and seasons using my development files. These development files are not used in the final product.
  12. Hi Henk, This is explained in the instructions for the effect in the Extras folder. I purposely put the effect file, the texture for it and the instructions in that folder so people would have to read how to use the effect if they want to try it and it would not be active if they do not want it. This is my plea for those who might want to try it to read the instructions. For example, the effect has a custom texture and that has to be copied to the right place.
  13. Hi folks, This seems like as good a place as any to mention that there will be a minor update to CAX6 fairly soon, v1.05. It fixes the texture errors noted in the Mutley's Hanger review along with a fair number of other minor things including adjusting the AI wakes for P3D v4. To my eye, CAX 6 looks a lot better in P3D v4 as compared to v3. I will refrain from saying anything about the comparison to FSX. The update will also definitively fix the black boat problem at CAC8 that the early CAX6 adopters experienced in case there are any that have not fixed the issue already. However there is one new thing that some might be of interest to some that would be easy to miss. I've included a custom mist and spray effect intended for a DHC2 but it should work for other float planes. Among other things it solves the issue of a cloud of mist surrounding the aircraft as it comes to a stop. This is a substitute for the default spray effect; you have to edit the aircraft.cfg to use it. The files needed and instructions will be included in the Extras folder. If you don't like it, the solution is simple.
  14. I'm sure Elaine covers this in her extensive tutorials on installing /updating but perhaps I can mention this here: You can find the individual components of a full install by clicking the little plus sign below the full install link. You will also find the checksums for each part if you wish to confirm that there are no errors in the download. If you just want to update the client, all you need to do is download this relatively small component. Cheers,
  15. Hi Nick, If the waves are still breaking backwards I'm wondering if there is a problem with your hotfix install. I've just checked two instances and the effect textures are correct on my machine post hotfix. In the RTM they were displaying 'upside down' as you would look at the texture. (In v3 and prior they were also flipped left right but that has been fixed too.) Funny that your terrain.cfg was apparently overwritten. With this hotfix, as in the past, all I have had to do is uninstall the client and then install the new one. All my configuration files are left as is. If on the other hand I want to start with fresh configuration files I make backups for reference and then delete them per the instructions.