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  1. I'm sure Elaine covers this in her extensive tutorials on installing /updating but perhaps I can mention this here: You can find the individual components of a full install by clicking the little plus sign below the full install link. You will also find the checksums for each part if you wish to confirm that there are no errors in the download. If you just want to update the client, all you need to do is download this relatively small component. Cheers,
  2. Hi Nick, If the waves are still breaking backwards I'm wondering if there is a problem with your hotfix install. I've just checked two instances and the effect textures are correct on my machine post hotfix. In the RTM they were displaying 'upside down' as you would look at the texture. (In v3 and prior they were also flipped left right but that has been fixed too.) Funny that your terrain.cfg was apparently overwritten. With this hotfix, as in the past, all I have had to do is uninstall the client and then install the new one. All my configuration files are left as is. If on the other hand I want to start with fresh configuration files I make backups for reference and then delete them per the instructions.
  3. Hi Steve, Since I started doing scenery (AI boats initially) doing what you are doing, perhaps I might mention some lessons that took me a long time to really take to heart. Although many of the 3D warehouse Sketchup models can be converted so they will work in the sim, very few if any are made with this purpose in mind. The first boat I tried to convert had something like 100,000 triangles and would not even compile. After a fair amount of work I got it down to 60,000 but it looked like a toy in the sim. (Now I might need 5,000 triangles and yet end up with far more detail and far more realism.) It's often possible to simplify the 3D warehouse models a lot and yet not change what you see in the sim but it takes time. At some point you will find it's much faster to start from scratch or just use the model as a rough outline. Also the textures used on many of the models are not that ideal for use in the sim so at some point you will want to learn how to work with textures. If working with these objects is fun, I'd suggest trying different things, learning, searching FSDeveloper, etc. Maybe re-make your scenery a few times before posting; it will get better and better with each try. (By the way, I'd suggest using Instant Scenery 3 for placement.)
  4. Hello Will, As Greg has mentioned, Victoria Plus for Orbx PNW by the late Jon Patch includes scenery for the Inner and Outer Harbour. My (free) addons for it added the ferry terminal for the MV Coho, an AI Coho, the AI cruise ship shown in Greg’s screenie, etc. However since the passing of my friend in 2014, I expect the availability of Vic Plus to soon be terminated. Estates must be closed. Doing both the Inner and Outer Harbor in my own style (and in memory of Jon) has been on my radar as an Orbx project but it would be a huge undertaking to do it the way I would want. Every building a pilot would see from Ogden Point to the new seaplane terminal authentic -- that would be my goal. So maybe it will happen some day and maybe it won’t. All of this is a labor of love.
  5. This is a great story of your trip to the seaplane event Renault! Really superb screen shots. It's so pleasing to see this because I usually have several themes running through my head as I make the scenery. I'm sort of telling myself a story and for others to do the same is the best I could wish for. Larry
  6. If I might, this is a plea for patience here and other similar areas. Some of the subtleties of how P3D v4 deals with vegetation, with or without dynamic vegetation enabled have just been worked out. The other option besides release asap would be to not release various products until all the documentation has been fully updated and reviewed for accuracy, considering those with the needed information may not be immediately available. Consider how long that might take during which time the product would be otherwise ready to go. Larry
  7. Hey Magic, Great story and I suspect a realistic one too. I think those cases of Molson’s got left at the gas dock. Last time I checked they were still there. I’m so pleased that you guys are having fun with this stuff. There will be a service pack to accommodate P3D v4 (now that I can mention it) that will add a few more things to play with in addition to fixing a minor P3D v4 issue. By the way, at least on my machine, Pender looks so much better, so much more lifelike in P3D v4 that I can't imagine going back. FSX, what's that?
  8. Ron, thanks so much for the comments! And the videos are fantastic. Just this afternoon I was thinking that I should fly up to Victoria over spring break, and hearing the unforgettable sound of a Beaver about to takeoff....why am I not doing this right now?? But it looks like once again after maybe 15 years I'll have a chance to fly north to Desolation Sound, likely on a Beaver! Sure the Otter is a bit faster and a little more comfortable if it's stormy, but their is nothing like flying in a Beaver.
  9. Considering the scenery I like to make, I figured I should add a photo too. This is a shot at first light of the Beaver modeled in FSX. It was Kenmore Air founder Bob Munro's favorite plane, the one he used on some of his most heroic flights. What a treat to fly up to Victoria in this plane in January a few years ago! It still looks pretty spiffy, inside and out.
  10. Taking the Norwegian Pearl into Pender Harbour? Maybe to impress the people on the bridge? The girlfriend (I always wondered)? I'm thinking of this: I wonder if there are any lawyers who specialize in sim disasters. Just kidding folks!!
  11. Nice shot Patrick, I thought you guys might like to see a shot of the real thing. This was taken at the marina in Bremerton, WA. (Notice that it was for sale!)
  12. Thanks Julio! A great shot. Well, I guess I've set a precedent. I'll have to think of something for the next project. How about a pilotable version of the static Seaspan tug in CAC8 ? (I always thought it would be so cool to be a tugboat captain.)
  13. That last one is just too much Jack! Odd that the running lights are on during what appears to be the day. I just checked the .mdl file; the attached lights should only be on dawn, dusk and at night. Have you figured out a way to turn them on and off? (I suppose I could put the lights in the aircraft.cfg so the skipper can control them.)
  14. Great shots of Pender John, thanks for posting them. I never quite know how things will look on other's machines. Speaking of the colors you actually see on your monitor, I have not seen much mention of the panel type as it applies to the sim. Many gaming monitors as well as monitors aimed at the mass market use TN panels. TN monitors are faster and less expensive compared to IPS monitors. But IPS monitors or their variants have a greater color depth that is very noticeable in the sim. Until recently I had an IPS main monitor and a TN secondary monitor side by side. By comparison, the sim on the TN panel looked flat and somewhat lifeless. Everything looked so much better on the IPS monitor. And my latest 27 inch Planar IPS monitor is even better than my older 24 inch IPS monitor. (To get the most out of the monitors I think it makes a big difference if you calibrate them with a spectrometer, e.g. X-Rite or similar.) Here's a link with some technical info:
  15. I'm glad that worked Patrick, While I'm writing, my one suggestion would be that everyone at least look at the maps in the User Guide. I know User Guides are a pain (and I often skip them myself) but your chances of finding and approaching the seaplane dock properly are not good without either prior knowledge or looking at the maps and charts. Like the real world I guess.