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  1. Thanks for posting the screenshots Olderndirt, However I can't take credit (or discredit I suppose) for all that's shown. It looks to me like a mixture of Vic Plus for Orbx PNW and the new CAX scenery. Here's a post that describes the problem and what to do about it:
  2. Hi Hans, To avoid confusion, the previously released CAC8 Nanaimo scenery has not been updated since the service pack. The new scenery is CAX6 Ganges Water Aerodrome. It's good that you brought up the issue of Vic Plus. I'm assuming you are referring to Victoria Plus for Orbx PNW. The earlier freeware versions do not work well with Orbx PNW. Vic Plus for Orbx PNW should not affect the CAC8 Nanaimo scenery, however it *will interfere* with CAX6 as it is intalled by FTXC3. The User Guide gives two options to fix this and yet not interfere with Vic Plus. The issue arrises because Vic Plus has some basic scenery for Ganges. The CAX6 scenery has exclusions for the pertient objects and files, but in order for those to work, CAX6 has to be above Vic Plus in the scenery order. By default, All FTX region and airport sceneries are installed as a block; it can't slip Vic Plus between PNW and CAX6. You can do it manually, but the User Guide lists the Vic Plus files to disable, a better solution. In addtion, there is at least one other Ganges scenery out there, and that would likely interfere too.
  3. Thanks so much for the further comments guys. It should not be too long now; the right stars just need to come into alignment. Thanks for the story Bernd. I really do miss Jon. He was good at things I am not, and to some extent vise versa.
  4. Maybe some real life shots taken from near the end of the seaplane dock would help.
  5. Thanks so much guys. One of the buildings uses some of the texture Jon was working on, so there is a little bit of Jon in the project beyond his spirit. Jon is responsible for this in another way too; he was the one who convinced me to post some of my stuff. I had been doing for myself, just for fun. I still do it just for the pleasure of creating something. Jack, barring any showstoppers that I can't solve, Ganges should be available through OrbxDirect soon. As for exactly when, your guess is as good as mine. For those who have not installed freeware with OrbxDirect, think of it as payware where the price is 0.00 AUD. Add it your account and then install with FTXC3. It's almost too easy. Just kidding JV!
  6. Can’t afford to visit Ganges, a delightful town on Saltspring Island in British Columbia? Here’s your chance and it’s free. Over 70 buildings and building complexes in the town are modeled, many with high resolution textures, and many authentic on all sides. Ganges is the home of Salt Spring Air so naturally there is a static model of their DHC2. In addition Salt Spring Air repaint textures for the default DHC2 are included in an Extras folder. Guess what; they are free too. Ganges is also home of Canadian Coast Guard Station Ganges and the Canadian Coast Guard Cape Class vessel Cape Naden. An AI version of this boat is modeled in great detail. (Thanks much to forum member Réal Déraps for his technical assistance. Réal serves aboard a CCG Cape Class vessel.) A Gulf Islands AI water taxi that goes to Port Washington is also included. About this project: the late Jon Patch (Vancouver Plus, Victoria Plus, etc) and I were working on Ganges as a follow-on to Victoria Plus for Orbx PNW at the time of his death. I decided then I would do Ganges in my own style in his memory. I hope Jon would have liked the result. And now a few screenshots which should give you a feel for the place:
  7. Thank Guys, But just to be clear, none of the corresponding scenery bits I've done would be visible in these RL shots. What you see in Bernd's shots on the approach to Victoria is a combination Jon Patch's Vic Plus on top of FTX PNW. Although PNW was the first region published, I think the accuracy and detail is still absolutely amazing. For example, there are over 2600 marine lights accurately placed and with appropriate light characteristics by my count. Think of what it took Holger to do that.
  8. Here are a couple of real life shots to go with Bernd's great shots of his trip from Refuge Cove to Victoria. You can see Pelly Island ahead beyond which seaplanes must be off step. Flying up to Victoria on a winter day like this from a nearly fogged in Seattle is magical.
  9. Really great shots Bernd! They bring back so many memories of flights to Refuge, Nanaimo and Victoria. Your shots are so realistic; that’s really the way it is. Here’s an amusing bit of trivia; according to the Victoria Harbour regs, seaplanes must be off step by the time they reach Pelly Island, that little islet in center of the outer portion of the Inner Harbour. Jon Patch told me that some people in the condos on the north and south keep their binoculars trained on seaplanes as they takeoff and land and immediately report violators! (I guess that fills up one's days.) It’s possible that I may be able to get back to Refuge Cove next year in which case I’ll get lots of photos. You can guess what I might use them for.
  10. Hi John, These shots and those in your similar thread are absolutely stunning. They grab the eye. I've just been keeping my head down making models, but I'm inspired to try some of your tricks. (I have PTA but have not fiddled with it much.) Among all the environmental addons that promise to transform our experience, would you mind telling us how you go about deciding which ones are worthwhile and which ones not?
  11. Hi guys, I thought I would let you know that there is a little bit more of Canadian love coming your way as a follow on to Nanaimo. And as the old Linda Ronstadt song says, 'you can't buy my love with money...' meaning all the development costs are on me.
  12. This is great Bernd, Maybe the captain would like to take a little sail from Nanaimo across the Strait of Georgia, heading up Malaspina to Desolation Sound and Refuge Cove. He or she will be tempted to 'cut the corner' of Area WG on the aeronautical charts. (It's so tempting.) Except that's not a good idea. It's a major torpedo test range in cooperation with the US Navy. The torpedoes are fired from underwater tubes on the Ballenas Islands. A friend of ours did that once when the range was active and on Channel 16 they were told 'shut off the engine, turn off everything that makes a sound and don't say a word'. You are not even supposed to fly over the area when the range is active!
  13. Hi Guys, I’m told that calling attention to problems is asking for trouble but I’ll do it anyway. Mostly because I have faith that the LM guys will solve it soon. I guess everyone is being polite by not mentioning the color and lightness – darkness mismatch in the overhead screenshot above. (It depends on time of day, the season, the moon, the direction of view, the weather, etc.) This has been a huge P3D headache in several sceneries but maybe it will go away soon. Because of the geography of Nanaimo and the way it was made, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Hopefully to get better soon.
  14. Thanks so much everyone. All of this is an experiment for me, and for Orbx too. But with your encouragement the ferries have taken a back seat for awhile as I plug away at the next SPB. (And I have the photos for another after that!)
  15. Hi Acer, The Dinghy Dock Pub is not the Easter egg. Imagine that you really did fly to Nanaimo and your floatplane is moored at the seaplane dock in the marina for short time -- can't stay too long. You decide you want a real Nanaimo bar -- where would you look for one? A few odds and ends; seems like a good place to mention them. Here's one way to compare your piloting skills with real life. A few weeks ago flying back from the Sunshine Coast in a DHC2, Kathy our Kenmore Air pilot flew over the middle of Newcastle Island, passing over the east shoreline at about 1000 feet. She then turned, banked, lowered the flaps and landed short of the yellow buoy in Area B, turning around a short distance beyond it to head for the Seair dock. And unlike the Area B scenery with one AI sailboat and possibly a ferry that must be avoided, Departure Bay was full of pleasure craft going every which way, and one of the huge BC ferries was just pulling out! She made it look *so* easy but I'm sure it's not. And here's something that amused me: One of our beta testers, not familiar with Nanaimo wondered if what appeared to be a bathtub the scenery was an accidentally misplaced object. By way of explanation I found this: