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Hello guys,

After speaking with Koorby I set out and learned Gmax (very primitive so far anyway) and I am making full custom buildings for Ballarat airport YBLT and in the future much of the city. I am looking for some help from a person or people with this project, i am roughly 50% through the modelling of the buildings but 100% finished in terms of on tarmac buildings, but i lack the know how right not not to mention the personal time to learn how to texture and compile error free with sharp photreal low framerate impacting imagry for release to the public along with the freeware GA airport pack.

Take a look at this video

YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lofU9yQ-ow (LOWER QUALITY)


DOWNLOAD http://rapidshare.com/files/75569438/YBLT.wmv.html

and see my work done so far.

Anybody that can help or is interested in joining up and making a team (could progress into further products who knows) my email is: [email protected] or msn is on the credits of vid.

Oh and anyone who joins will be an equal partner and credit duely and also will have equal say in design matters and so forth

Thankyou for taking the time to read, watch and ponder my project, I hope i can generate a little interest in this.


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Hey mate, i might suggest you go over to the VOZ forums http://vistaoz.org/ and email JayKae at [email protected] the VOZ Chairman about joining the VOZ developers and testing team. We are producing a Vista Australis Scenery X (VSX) series of freeware scenery packages which will be purpose built to work with FTX.

Many of the FTX team are also long term VOZ team members and developers. By joining the VOZ development team you can tap into all the experience and advice that has been learnt, aswell as having your work tested by a very experienced team.

Your Scenery would be perfect for inclusion in VSX.

I am the  VOZ Project Manager, just tell Jay i sent you.


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